Kevin Bryan

Washington, D.C

Kevin T. Bryan is a Senior Policy Director at the Keystone Policy Center ( in Washington, DC. Kevin has fifteen years of experience working with other professionals to design, convene, and facilitate multi-party problem solving interactions to build coalitions and resolve public policy problems of mutual interest.  Most recently, Kevin has provided strategic advisement and managed policy discussions for coalitions focused on federal land management policy, climate science policy, and health care issues. 

Kevin transitions from a 10-year association with the Meridian Institute (, one of the leading ADR organizations in the US.  As a Senior Mediator at the Meridian Institute, Kevin helped guide policy discussions and analysis for coalitions focused on climate and energy legislation and policy, public infrastructure investment, and sustainable consumption. He has led negotiations among stakeholder groups developing consensus policy positions on the economic impacts of climate policy, renewable energy and nuclear power issues, energy technology transformation, and international governance issues.

Prior to his time at Meridian, Kevin worked as Senior Coordinator for the National Wind Coordinating Committee (NWCC) at RESOLVE, Inc., working to identify opportunities for the NWCC to work with individuals and stakeholder groups on wind energy issues.  Kevin has worked with federal agencies to help establish guidelines for stakeholder involvement in environmental decision making; and with local governments to address issues and develop solutions for small businesses and residents to implement energy efficiency improvements in their facilities and homes.

Kevin is a member of the Board of Trustees for Arts for the Aging, an organization in the Washington DC metropolitan area focused on providing creative aging programming for seniors in our region, particularly for vulnerable and frail seniors. Kevin is the Vice-Chairperson for Strategic Partnerships and Outreach, a role in which he works with organizations and individuals around the region to establish new connections to build AFTA's profile.  Kevin received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Howard University in 1994 and received the Patricia Roberts Harris Fellowship in 1996 while undertaking graduate work there in public administration.  Kevin was selected in 2002 as a fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) and served on that organization’s Board of Trustees from 2005-2011, including a stint as Board Chairperson from 2008-2010.   Kevin has also served as a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Environment and Public Policy Section Leadership Committee. Kevin has been a Washington resident since 1988, and now lives with his wife Rosie in the city.