1. How many positions can I apply to?

You may apply to as many positions as you would like; please review the full list of Fellowship positions here

2. Do I need to submit multiple applications or essays if I apply to more than 1 position?

Please only submit one application for all positions, whether you are applying for two positions or seven. You do not need to write separate essays for each position you apply to.

3. Where do I include which positions I’m interested in?

There are two places to indicate the positions you are interested in applying for: the online application survey and a short answer response to be uploaded with other application materials. For the short answer response, please include an additional, separate page from your essays that lists the position(s) you are applying for in ranked order of preference. You may also include a brief sentence about why you are interested in this position and/or why it is a good fit for you.

4. What are we looking for?

Eligible RAY Fellow applicants will:

  • Come from a racial/ethnic background that is underrepresented in conservation and/or demonstrate a commitment to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Be no more than one year out of college
  • Have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree by July 2019 (we are not considering graduate students at this time)
  • Have the ability to work in the United States and commit to the entire fellowship (unfortunately, visas and sponsorships are not available)


  • Highlight experiences (both personal and professional) that are related to your desired position and demonstrate your leadership skills and experiences
  • These may be one page in length and no more than two pages.


  • We are looking for compelling answers that directly answer the question prompts and connect your experiences to the goals of the fellowship
  • Essays should be no more than one page single-spaced

Letters of Recommendation / Letter of Support**:

  • Letters should be no more than one page single-spaced
  • Letters should be written on official letterhead and include contact information of the person who is writing the recommendation
  • Letters should be addressed to RAY Program Coordinator, Jordan Williams, and be emailed directly to [email protected]

**If your essays and resume are ready to submit, please upload them via your individual application link as soon as complete.  Letters of recommendation can and should be sent separately via email.

5. Why are there such strict edibility guidelines related to graduation year?

Entering into mainstream environmental and conservation organizations can be challenging as organizations seek candidates with several years of experience and/or a graduate degree for entry-level positions. The RAY Fellowship Program seeks to provide first-time career access opportunities for recent college graduates who do not have previous professional experience or a graduate degree. As such, eligible applicants will have graduated within a relatively close timeframe to the upcoming Fellowship cycle. 

6. What are the salary and benefits I can expect to receive if selected?

Selected Fellows can expect a salary of ~ $40,000 along with offered employee benefits, to be distributed directly by Fellows' hosting Member Organizations (Fellowship placement and associated cost of living will determine the offered salary). Exact benefits may change based on the hosting Organization. Member Organizations may also offer a relocation stipend if needed, and each Fellow will be granted $1,000 to be used for professional development for the entire year. Additional professional development and travel funds may be available directly through Fellows' hosting Organizations.